Ours is a company with prestige in catering services.
Elegance and exclusivity for all sorts of celebrations: We cover weddings and baptisms as well as professional and corporate meetings.




Exclusive estates


At Lepanto we have places with lots of charm in order to celebrate all sorts of events. We have exclusive and singular estates for celebrating events and parties. Besides, our catering service is also home delivery, both for private individuals as well as for companies and public entities. All the activities we participate in have a unique quality seal: We take care of all the details ranging from decor all the way to cuisine.




50 years of


This project started in 1965 when we opened our first cafetería in Marbella. Half a century later, Lepanto is a company landmark in the catering sector of Málaga as well as restaurant services. The company has a chain of pastry shops-cafeterias distributed along the Costa del Sol and these offer excellent catering services, mainly in Málaga and its province with an extraordinary value for money.





Dinners in the castle


One of the places with the greatest charm in Málaga is the Castle of Santa Catalina. In this historic monument that has been transformed into a hotel and is a Cultural Interest Asset, Lepanto organizes all sorts of events such as weddings and baptismal celebrations as well as corporate parties and professional meeting points. It also offers the possibility of enjoying excellent menus with the best of Malaga´s cuisine. This proposition is a landmark in catering and restaurant management in Málaga´s capital, offering unforgettable evenings for its clients.





Event organization


Grupo Lepanto materializes your dreams: the most special events become a reality thanks to our team, a group of great professionals with wide experience in event organization and catering services. Utmost care is taken of the details, elegance and exclusivity in all kinds of celebrations including weddings and baptisms as well as professional and corporate gatherings.


Catering Lepanto, on the move constantly

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Menu samples

Quality, exclusivity and care for client services


Grupo Lepanto has a pastry kitchen where crafted cakes, sweets, snacks, and other types of foods that do not require cutlery as well as cuisine dishes are made. These tasty bites to eat are served in our cafeterias as well as in our catering services. Ranging from the most traditional tastes all the way to the most innovative cuisine elaborations, the menu of Lepanto satisfies the tastes of the most demanding diners.


50 years have gone by in the evolution of a company that takes care of all the details in all and each one of services it offers its clients. Tradition is combined in a great way with cuisine innovation, enabling us to offer the client the best at all times. Maximum quality both in the raw ingredients as well as client dealings and event organization. Doubtlessly, Lepanto is still today a landmark in its field activity



Our know-how enables us to guarantee the success of each event we organize. The effort and professionality of each one of the members of Lepanto's team of guarantee the quality of any type of service offered. In our company we take the utmost care of each tiny detail, nothing is left out. We make sure nothing fails and that the celebration our client wishes for becomes a reality.